Praxis für Ganzheitliche Körper-Geist-Therapie Dr. rer. nat. Anselm Kusser, Heilpraktiker
Praxis für Ganzheitliche Körper-Geist-Therapie           Dr. rer. nat. Anselm Kusser, Heilpraktiker

"The body and mind together do present a united, self regulating and self-clearing system. Within it, each problem contains its own solution if it is honestly faced. Each symptom, mental or physical, is a clue to the resolution of the conflict behind it, and contains within it the seeds of its own healing."

(Jane Roberts "The Nature of Personal Reality")

Information about my Heilpraktiker practice in English

Back pain? Scoliosis? Migraine? Enjoying physical exercise but it hurts? Good you came!


"My headache dissolved gradually. Four days after our session, it was gone completely. Many thanks again for your help!"

(Single consultation because of persistent headache)


I offer manual treatments of the body combined with "inner work" of the mind and spirit, since I am convinced that one cannot go without the other. If you are interested, please use this contact form to send me a request. I will get back to you very soon...




Tel: +49 89 769 75 281

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