Praxis für Ganzheitliche Körper-Geist-Therapie Dr. rer. nat. Anselm Kusser, Heilpraktiker
Praxis für Ganzheitliche Körper-Geist-Therapie           Dr. rer. nat. Anselm Kusser, Heilpraktiker

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a "Heilpraktiker"?


Heilpraktiker is a profession in Germany that allows the holder to diagnose and treat maladies. Heilpraktiker usually provide complementary medicine and/or natural remedies.

What is the approach?


I practice holistic medicine. The body and the mind/spirit present a unified system and they will influence each other. Symptoms in the body can originate from the mind/spirit and vice versa. Holistic medicine takes all that into account to find the deepest cause for the problem at hand, and thus a sustainable and self-regulatory solution that allows for further development of the whole system.

How does a session look like?


In a first session we will speak about the issue to get an idea about the background, then a treatment will usually follow, mostly manual but also energetically sometimes. In some cases it makes sense to take on some homework exercises.

What does a session cost and who pays for it?


A session of 60 minutes will cost 80€, 90 minutes 110€. Many health insurances reimburse for the costs, depending on your contract. You best ask in advance if your health insurance will reimburse and what their conditions are. I will send you an invoice and you can do a bank transfer after the session, then use the invoice to ask for reimbursement.

In case you get no reimbursement, and money is an issue, we can find a way that suits your options. Just ask me about it...



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